What is geo-4d's 




At Geo-4D we are able to provide a drone-based agricultural monitoring service to help optimise the management of your crops.


The monitoring is performed by acquiring and analysing multispectral imagery data collected from a  small drone platform. Once the rapid data collection is performed by one of our drone pilots, the data is uploaded to the cloud for processing and analysis, and the resulting maps sent back to the farmer.


Using proprietry algorithmns, the multispectral data is processed to provide products that present information on nitrogen application, crop health, biomass, disease risk, desiccation zones, plant counts, yield predictions and more.

How can the service help you?

How does the service work?

Dependent on the products required and the crop being grown, the service typically comprises between 6 and 10 regularly spaced aerial surveys during the growing season.

The flight plan and survey schedule will be decided between yourself and one of our specialists, as required based on your crop and growing cycle.

Following the data acquisition, you will be shown how to access and analyses the data. We take pride in the ongoing support that we give to ensure each farmer we work with gets the best out of the product.