Whether you require floor and roof plans, elevations, cross sections, reflected ceiling plans, CAD drawings, or simply a fly-through video or visualisation, Geo-4D can help


detailed building representation

To best capture a structure in an accurate, resolute and efficient manner, Geo-4D use a combination of  techniques:

1. Ultra-high precision ground-based 3D laser scanning with RGB camera to provide detail and relative accuracy

2.  RTK GPS and total station measurements to provide absolute accuracy


3. Drone-based photogrammetry to access those hard-to-reach places such as roofs

4.  High resolution photography for areas of specific interest

data processing

and delivery

All site data is collected, processed and integrated in-house by our experienced team of surveyors and geospatial analysts.


We use a variety of powerful computers and software to process, integrate, visualise and output realistic and accurate models in a variety of formats. 

Data can be provided as full resolution 'big data' such as point cloud, digital surface models and orthomosaic imagery; or as portable easy-to-access formats such as DXFs, images, videos and PDFs.