Construction Progress Monitoring

Geo-4D were tasked with capturing and generating a 2D orthomosaic and 3D model of a new supermarket during the latter stages of construction, with the deliverables to be provided in a format that could be accessed without the need for specialist software packages.

The area was flown in 2 flights, gathering both oblique and nadir images in an automatic grid pattern, allowing the Geo-4D UAV pilot to perform the full mission in under 2 hours. The images were then processed by our in-house geoscientists, and exported ready to be delivered to the client before the end of the day.

The chosen outputs for the data were a video fly-through of the 3D model and a .kmz of the orthomosaic, allowing the client to review their results in Google Earth and on any online video sharing website, in this case YouTube. The 3D model was also available to be shared in an interactive, online format, however the video alone proved to be more than sufficient for meeting their needs. As an additional service, there was a stockpile within the flight area that had recently been surveyed using traditional methods, so a volumetric report based on the point cloud was also provided to allow the client to compare UAV-gathered and traditional volumetric survey results.