Drones & Laser Scanning

Having previously produced 3D point clouds and orthomosaics for roof inspections using drones, the next step to provide a more valuable set of results was to combine these outputs with terrestrial laser scanning data. For this project, the team were tasked with collecting the laser scan data, surveying in control points, performing photogrammetric processing of the UAV images and finally, merging all of the dataset together to produce an accurate, detailed point cloud.

The terrestrial laser scanner was used to collect the facades and ground data, while the drone flew a gridded flight plan over the full site to gather information from the roof tops. Both datasets were referenced using the same control points, ensuring that the final results were able to merge seamlessly. The final outputs met the client’s expectations of +/- 10mm for the scan data, and +/- 30mm for the UAV-gathered point cloud, and the orthomosaic of the full site was provided as an additional deliverable that proved very useful in visualising the area of interest.