Geo-4D offers full ground modelling capability and expertise combined with data QC and management services. We use the only software available that enables full interaction with all relevant site data, on dedicated work stations, avoiding the use of multiple software packages and awkward file exchange formats.


Geo-4D can be engaged at any phase of a project. From conception we can develop a desktop study and initiate the development of a ground model identifying data gaps. We then develop a technical specification for geophysical, geotechnical and metocean data collection, produce ‘Invitation to Tender’ documents, review received tenders and recommend for award.


A comprehensive ground model can provide highly detailed insight into an area surface and subsurface simultaneously. It allows for better informed decisions, reliant on evidence drawn from multiple data sources. Results can be seamlessly integrated with existing GIS systems.


Geo-4D offers cartographic GIS expertise and geotechnical know-how to collate, analyse and interpret survey data, providing clear planning pathways for the development of your project. We are an ESRI Silver Partner and utilise ArcGIS to provide advanced and accessible GIS solutions, including bespoke online mapping and support.


Introducing time as a factor into the Ground Model allows for detailed analysis of all historic and up-to-date seafloor data. This enables identification of geomorphological trends, sediment migration patterns and scour. From this, we extract valuable information to predict problematic areas, saving time and money.


Geo-4D uses bespoke probabilistic risk assessment software, alongside our 4D ground modelling package, to help make informed engineering, planning and development decisions.