Online GIs portal

the most accessible way to manage large survey datasets

A web-hosted GIS provides a secure and manageable way to store, view and interrogate your photogrammetry deliverables, along with any other associated soatial data such as CAD drawings, shapefiles, and historical topographic survey datasets.

Geo-4D, in collaboration with our partners GISonline, have developed a web-based GIS portal that can be used to effectively manage your site data.

The online interface can be customised to your needs, but as standard allows for the following data to be hosted, viewed and interrogated:

  • Large georeferenced rasters, including high resolution orthomosaic imagery and digital terrain models

  • Geotagged drone videos

  • 3D mesh models

  • Shapefiles and CAD drawings

  • Individual geotagged photographs

  • PDF documents/reports

  • Streamed background maps

  • Annotations/comments

  • Measurements, including distance, coordinates, and area calculations