Roof Inspection

Using drones for inspecting areas that are inaccessible without specific equipment (e.g. scaffolding) has become very common over the past few years. The ability to get a camera in the air gives a completely different perspective and allows you to inspect out of reach places, while increasing safety by eliminating the need for people to access the structure.

For this particular project, Geo-4D were tasked with bringing an additional level of quality to the final results from the UAV inspection. On top of the standard live viewing, videos and photographs provided to the client, our team was able to process the results into a true to scale Orthomosaic of the building’s roof, giving the client the ability to identify any potential damage in one viewing window. The scaled Orthomosaic also meant that very accurate measurements could be taken, which enabled the client to decide on any maintenance that was necessary and plan how to go about the work.