Geo-4D were approached to provide photogrammetric data processing services and GIS analysis for a site restoration project. The client required information about the difference in elevation between the current terrain and the proposed levels of the final site, as well as an approximation of the amount of material that needed to be added to or removed from the site to achieve these levels.

Geo-4D provided the client with an Orthomosaic and DTM of the site, along with a Height Difference Map and Cut & Fill Volumes Maps, giving them the ability to visualise and then plan for movement of material around the site.

The ability to gather this information from UAVs dramatically reduces the turnaround time for topographic results, provides the end user with 2D & 3D visualisation of a site that was previously not possible, and makes on-site operations safer by reducing the amount of time the team needs to spend in a potentially dangerous area.