solar farm

defect mapping

UAV-acquired 3D model of a solar farm
Solar_Thermal_Imaging-300x300 (1).png

Data acquisition

and processing

Through a combination of drone-based and ground-based RGB and thermal data acquisition and data analysis, Geo-4D can quickly perform a high-level screening assessment of solar farm panel defects.


The process comprises the acquisition of aerial RGB imagery and radiometric thermal imagery data, along with ultra-high resolution ground-based RGB imagery.

The aerial RGB data are used to build a 3D model of the site, whilst the thermal data highlights any thermal anomalies that are often related to malfunctioning solar modules. The ground-based imagery are then used to provide additional information on defects such as fogging, cracks, debris and bird droppings.


assessment &

web portal

Once various defects are identified, they are mapped, linked to panel serial numbers, and uploaded to a web-based portal.

In the web-based portal, the 3D model of the site can be viewed, individual solar panels and identified defects reviewed, and defect information exported.

Summary of panel defects across a solar farm